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We are pleased to have Katie as part of our team. She became a licensed massage therapist in 2013, and right away began working in a chiropractors office where she quickly learned that she had a knack for therapeutic work. Katie specializes in releasing muscle adhesions and tension that are causing discomfort or pain. It gives her great joy to help improve someones range of motion, and relieve muscular discomfort.  

Katie has extensive experience in fitness and yoga, and she worked as a trainer and teacher long before becoming a massage therapist. She studied anatomy and physiology at the collegiate level, and  gained a strong understanding of the body and especially the muscular system through studies and experience. She is also a trained Reiki Master, which is an energetic healing technique.

Katie truly believes that our bodies are a temple, and to keep them functioning at an optimal level, they require care in the form of good nutrition, regular exercise, and maintenance from holistic healthcare, of which massage therapy plays an important role. 

You can schedule and appointment with Katie online, now, and get on her schedule here.