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Help someone to relax, rewind and be pampered by ordering a gift certificate from us.

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Certificates for massage and bodywork, rated the best massage ever. You can choose a specific service, or a dollar amount certificate.

Click the link below that matches the gift certificate you want to order.

On the payment screen, you will be prompted to enter To: and From: Type over this text and put in how you would like the gift certificate to read. You will also be prompted to enter the recipient’s name and mailing address. Type over this text and put in the shipping information. You can have it shipped directly to the recipient or to you. We will send it to the name and address that you enter.

There is an option to include a gratuity on your gift certificate purchase. If you would rather not include a gratuity, then just click the ‘other’ button and enter zero.

Massage and Bodywork Sessions

Gift Certificate – Two Hour Massage ($150)

Gift Certificate – 90 Minute Massage ($115)

Gift Certificate – 75 Minute Massage ($95)

Gift Certificate – 60 Minute Massage ($80)

Thai Massage

Gift Certificate – One Hour 45 Minute Thai ($130)

Gift Certificate – One Hour 15 Minute Thai ($95)

Gift Certificate – 45 Minute Thai ($70)

Couples Getaway Packages

Gift Certificate – Couples 90 Minute Massages ($230)

Gift Certificate – Couples One Hour Massages ($160)

Body Scrubs and Combos

Gift Certificate – Two Hour Scrub Combo ($175)

Gift Certificate – 90 Minute Scrub Combo ($135)

Gift Certificate – Solo Scrub ($85)


Gift Certificate – Reiki ($80)

Dollar Amount Gift Certificates

$25 Gift Certificate    

$50 Gift Certificate  

$75 Gift Certificate  

$100 Gift Certificate  

$150 Gift Certificate  

$200 Gift Certificate   

$250 Gift Certificate   

$300 Gift Certificate