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If you’re in need of deep tissue massage therapy, but don’t enjoy the discomfort of pointy elbows and thumbs, then Ashiatsu Massage Therapy is the optimal treatment for you.

Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing their bare feet and body weight. Working with gravity instead of against it, Ashiatsu therapists are able to provide an effective therapeutic massage without causing discomfort to themselves or the client. Lubrication is applied to the client’s body making this deep form bodywork a fluid and seamless barefoot dance. Parallel bars are used above the massage table for balance, support, and client safety.

There are numerous benefits for choosing Ashiatsu Bar Therapy, the main benefit is more pressure with less discomfort during and after your treatment. Clients have also reported an increase in range of motion, reduction in muscles tension and pain, along with a sense of overall well-being.

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