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Joseph graduated from the Susquehanna County Career and Technology School of Massage Therapy.

He is well diversified in many types of massage modalities such as Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage and trigger point therapy. Long slow, deep strokes, stopping to address trigger points is his favorite method. This allows the parasympathetic nervous system to calm down and relax the body, move away from anxiety and toward a state of peace. He encourages slow steady breathing and a “team” effort between himself and his client to get the results that each client expects whether for that one session or as massage maintenance .

His philosophy around the body is much like that of a car where you need to find a good mechanic and to stick with him or her for several reasons. A key reason is that the therapist knows your body and you don’t need to explain the same story of your needs each time. The therapist learns to understand the larger story of the unique person you are. Also, if you know your therapist better you will be more comfortable asking for what you want and letting him know what is not working or causing pain in the moment. Joseph brings a sense of compassion and a firm, masculine, nurturing quality to his work as a massage therapist.

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