Some of the amazing benefits of dry brushing
    include: reduction of cellulite, assistance with
    the  cleansing of the lymphatic system,
    removal of dead skin layers, strengthening of
    the immune system, stimulation of the
    hormone and oil-producing glands, tightening
    of the skin preventing premature aging, toning
    of the superficial muscles,  stimulation of
    blood circulation, improving the function of
    the nervous system, and helping with
    digestion.  Dry brushing is performed using a
    soft natural fiber brush.  The skin of the entire
    body is brushed, always working from the
    extremities toward the heart.  Dry brushing
    can be incorporated into any treatment and
    will be approximately 15 minutes of your


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Dry Brushing of the Skin
Dry Brushing of the Skin